Is this the hidden door to Adolf Hitler’s last refuge in Antarctica?


There are a number of conspiracy theories that saw an uptick as the information and communication flow has become easier, thanks to technology.

Some also believe such tales about the far lands of Antarctica which never ceases to raise the eyebrows of people. Those who believe that the Earth is flat consider the icy continent a wall that is covering the Earth.

The recent revelation reported by Metro UK mentioned a door discovered in Antarctica.

A Reddit Conspiracy channel — with 2.1 million members — uploaded a screenshot showing a rectangular-shaped object under the snow appearing to be an opening of something.

The members promptly considered it a door and its usage.

According to people quoted in the report, “it was an entrance to an underground base camp,” but others regarded it as some kind of storage facility for seeds.

The authenticity of these claims remains elusive but some users regarded it as a bunker where Adolf Hitler was hidden.

However, when the coordinates were revealed, it was not anything people were speculating as it turned out to be a research facility, located a few hundred meters from Japan’s Showa Station, on East Ongul Island in Queen Maud Land.

It had over 60 buildings that included living quarters, a power plant, a sewage treatment facility, an observatory, and a satellite building.

The image attracted hundreds of comments in some hours just after it was posted. 


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